pearlybae: First off, I am blown away by the a…


First off, I am blown away by the amount of love I received for my Jester costume!!! She was amazing to make, so much fun to wear, and all around an incredible experience from start to finish!! I have a bad habit of getting sucked into details but I think it worked in my favor this time around! There were so many little things about Jester’s outfit I wanted to get just right, and fussing over them was honestly half the fun.

The beautiful photos taken of the completed costume were done by a dear friend of mine @ivorivet, who isn’t just a fantastic photographer, but also an amazingly beautiful talented cosplayer in her own right!! I can’t thank her enough for doing my solo shoot and I love her to bits 💖💖💖

Other helping hands are credited to @dontevenlikecoconut, @centeris2, and @artofnana, who all did little tasks on other costumes so I could focus on Jester, or drove me up packages from home so I didn’t lose my mind the night before con. 💙💙💙

I did something a little different this time around with my WIPs! If you follow me on instagram (pearlybaecosplay) then you would have seen the hell crunch that was on my insta stories all month!! If you missed it, no worries!! I saved all my Jester WIPs onto a collection on my insta profile, if people were interested in seeing extra details and some video progress.

One last thing before I let y’all go; my ko-fi is still active!! So if you like my work and appreciate these big costume writeups, please consider donating a coffee or two!! The link is available on my blog, or you can type in pearlybae at the site and find me that way!

As per usual, more details of how I made this costume are under the cut!! 🍭

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