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This is a statue of Marilyn the dog on Zamami Island.

In the 80′s there were two dogs, Marilyn and Shiro, living on Zamami Island who played together very often. One day Shrio’s owner packed up and moved to the neighboring Aka island taking Shiro with them. 

Shiro would often go missing during the day, and the owner decided to follow and find out where he was going. 

It turns out that almost every day Shiro would leave home, run to the ocean, swim about 3 miles to Zamami Island where his friend Marilyn patiently waited for him, play with his friend, and then swim home for dinner.

Then a couple years later someone made a rom-com movie about it that was moderately successful. The end.

There is also a statue of Shrio on Aka Island.

A bit of info about the movie for people who were curious.

The movie was called “Marilyn ni aitai”, which translates to “I want to see Marilyn”.

I haven’t seen the movie myself, but based on this trailer it looks very cute and very 80’s.